How to Stay Positive in a Freaked-Out World

Positivity is dependent on internal and external factors. In the Staying Positive Personal Workshop Program, you receive practical and realistic practices to support what you need to BE positive and STAY positive – on the inside and the outside.

The Staying Positive Personal Workshops will help you:

  • Contain your struggles.
  • Sustain your positive energy.
  • Maintain your focus.
  • Retain your sanity
 (even if others are losing theirs!)
  • Retrain your brain to keep a mental edge at all times.
  • Abstain from plunging into others’ drama.
  • Obtain confident optimism, which some might call “professional optimism.”
  • Train those around you to shift their mental frames as needed, too.
  • Refrain from getting freaked-out, no matter what.

Details about the Staying Positive Personal Workshops:

  1. Workshop Commitment: It’s my job to provide you with proven Staying Positive Strategies that work, along with value-added bonuses throughout the program.  It’s your job to access and integrate the Staying Positive Personal Workshops and notice the positive effect on your life.
  2. Format: You will receive weekly Staying Positive Personal Workshop lessons, offered in both written and recorded formats.meggin_square_white_border_shadow
    • Recorded:  The recorded format is sent as an MP3.  The content-rich recordings are 10 – 20+ minutes, and you may listen to them from your computer, your tablet, smartphone, or other MP3 device.  Access the recording each week as it arrives and again later when you are ready for a refresher on that week’s concept.  Do your lesson when it is convenient for you.
    • Transcript:  The written format is designed to be printed, read, and responded to just as if you were in a face-to-face personal workshop with me.  The weekly lessons will be 10 – 15 (to 20+) pages each.
    • Plus:  You receive weekly Activity Sheets, Exercises, and/or Mini-Posters to deepen your thinking, surprise you with what they reveal about you, and remind you of the practices you are ready to implement.
  3. Bonus Recordings and Materials. These will be sent to you periodically to further spark and enhance your quest for positivity – maybe at just the time you really need it!
  4. A Responsive Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. Team.  The team members at Emphasis on Excellence, Inc. will take care of technical questions that you have in a timely, professional, and helpful manner.  Oh, and we’ll work with you positively, of course!


Your presentations really kept me sane and grounded through all of our changes.  You keep it real and have a way about you that makes everything okay.

Molly Hum

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