graphic-thumbs-up-positiveStart participating in your own personal positivity workshops later today!

Sign up for the full year for ONLY $97!

Plus – one of your friends will also be able to come along and be part of the workshops, too.

If life feels unpredictable for you right now, or if you’re expecting significant changes at work or at home in the next few months, take advantage of this full-year program at the special rate of $97.  And as a special bonus, you may invite a friend to join you at no extra charge.

With the one-year personal workshops, you’ll receive 52 lessons plus exclusive bonuses and special features as I personally guide you through ways of staying positive in a freaked-out world. Click here for immediate shifts in your sense of positivity.


Try the Staying Positive in a Freaked Out World Personal Workshop Program for 21 days – that’s 4 lessons in all because your first one is sent immediately!  If you don’t find the lessons relieving the heaviness from your life and shifting you towards positive control of your day-to-day, then simply let me know and I’ll send you a refund.

Click here to enroll in your own Staying Positive Personal Workshop!

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