Are you ready to release yourself from negativity?

Imagine being free from negativity and the overwhelming weight that comes from the ubiquitous cynicism of too many individuals and organizations.

What does negativity feel like for you?  What does it do to you and others you care about?  The toxic effects of negativity left unchecked cause emotional and even physical pain. You know this and quite often, as a smart person, you might think that you should be able to fix it yourself.  Then why is it so hard to do that? You’re not alone. When toxic thoughts and feelings grab hold, all the motivational quotes and uplifting speeches in the world cannot solve the problem. In the face of overwhelming negativity – you need a sustainable strategy for real change.


Hi, I am Meggin McIntosh, Ph.D. and I’d like to welcome you into my classroom. You are about to be introduced to a selection of solid strategies that will show you how to release the stress and heaviness of negativity and start living positively and productively! I promise that everything you learn in these Staying Positive Personal Workshops, is realistic, is offered from my head and heart to your head and heart, and that it is all rooted in personal experience.

My Story

In 2008, like so many of you, I was feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically crushed by the stress of an economy that was taking a turn for the worse along with the never-ending doom and gloom discussions happening all around me.  So, in addition to feeling weighted down by my own worries, I was contending with folks who were burrowed into their own pits of fear and negativity. I soon found myself immersed in the overwhelming feeling that the world was going down the tubes and I was powerless to do anything about it.  Part of what was so upsetting about this state of mind was how distant it was from my normal mindset and way of thinking.  Frankly, I was just despondent.  It was neither good nor normal for me. bigstock-Which-path-will-you-choose-whe-50886683After a couple of months of this, I knew I had to do something to free myself from the freaked-out space.  I started experimenting with thoughts and ideas and different ways of thinking. As some of the ideas started to work for me, I also knew I had to share what I was learning on a very personal level with others. The first foray into doing just that – sharing with others – was scheduling a two-hour teleseminar over the 2008 Thanksgiving Weekend.  I taught a selection of the staying positive strategies that had been working for me and sent out the recording and the handouts to everyone who had registered (and made a $5 donation to a local agency that purchases diapers for families in need).  My intent was to raise money for the organization and above all, to give the listeners a little peace of mind in the all-is-lost-doomsday world it felt like we were living in. I was shocked when I heard from hundreds of people asking me questions like…

  • “How did you know how much I needed this?!”
  • “How can I get more ideas like this?”
  • “When is your next class?”
  • “Would you come to our school (department, organization, office, church, _______) and help us?”

Oh my goodness!  Now what?!  Apparently, I’d struck a chord.  By learning how to take control over the feelings of negativity that had been controlling me, I had created a new learning model to help others.  The Staying Positive Personal Workshops were born.

I just want to feel positive again,
but I don’t know how!

bigstock-Positive-Thinking-Road-Sign-Il-50947715In the safe learning atmosphere of the classroom space that’s been created for you, you will learn Staying Positive strategies to help you:

  • Avoid the cynicism swirl at work.
  • Cope with personal stress and negativity.
  • Become a more positive leader.
  • Regain control of your life.
  • Stay focused on your tasks.
  • Encourage others to be positive.
  • Feel like your old hopeful self again – or maybe find a new hopeful self!
  • Prevent the feeling of burden and overwhelm.

To get a quick look at a Staying Positive mindset you could use, click the blue button.  If you already know you are ready to Start Getting Positive Now, just click the “Start Getting Positive Now” button.




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